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College. Planning. Simplified.
Organization is key!
We follow five basic steps in our process.
  • Surveys -   gathering information about you, your talents, interests, preferences and priorities

  • Testing -    tests you've taken, future tests, ACT/SAT comparisons, everything on one dashboard

  • Colleges -  selecting a balanced list from our database of thousands of schools, comparing them according to your priorities: major, selectivity, cost, size, distance, programs, etc.

  • Applications - one-page tracker for your applications,  shows deadlines for all types of applications, EA, ED, RD, progress updates 

  • Decisions - Simplified comparison of each school, financial aid or scholarship offers, appeals, notification and requirements to enroll




Starting the college search journey can be a time to discover what’s really important to you.  Through self-reflection, introspection and answering questions you may not have asked yourself yet, you start to become aware of what direction you want to go after high school graduation. 

Ann Somers

What others say...

You are great at what you do!  I tell everyone that if it wasn't for you, I really don't know what Anthony would be doing now.  You gave him this direction and I will forever be grateful to you Ann!" 

Jeannine P., Chicago, IL

Extremely helpful in navigating the college planning process!

Lisa B., Cary, IL

Ann found a specific major for my daughter at her college that encompassed her three loves, media, music and art.  She's so happy and will finish in four years.  Yay!  

Janet H., Lemont, IL

I had the great pleasure of working with Ann for more than two years. Ann shows great empathy for her clients and a passion for her work. She has the ability to develop strong relationships, gain critical insight into her client's goals and deliver valuable expertise regarding the college planning process. Ann is a true professional.

Dan F., Lisle, IL

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