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What we'll do during these years
It's go time!


This is when everything really ramps up!  We will map out the best test strategy, starting with the PSAT-NMSQT in October of your junior year.  To prep or not to prep?  There's money on the line here, so if you've been testing well on previous standardized tests, you'll want to be ready!  Juniors: you need to fine tune your resume and make sure the courses you take this year are as rigorous as you can handle.

College Planning III & IV

  • Study hard! These are your last two semesters before you apply to college!

  • Be involved in or out of school - look for leadership opportunities.

  • Start planning college visits or attend college fairs and meet college reps at school.

  • Complete surveys and assessments to help determine your college major.

  • Develop your preliminary balanced college list to research.


Summer before senior year is when we'll pull it all together before you start applying to schools. You'll narrow down your balanced college list, determine all the requirements for each school's application, and start gathering all the documents you'll need - letters of recommendation, transcripts and standardized test scores.  


We'll decide which way you want to apply, Early Decision I or II, Early Action I or II, Regular Decision, Rolling Decision.  Check to see which schools require essays, personal statements or supplemental essays. We'll focus on the Common Application essay and the supplemental questions and essays.


Many schools start accepting applications as early as July before your senior year. Depending on the strategy we choose for each of your applications, you may have all your applications completed by the end of October.  Enjoy Halloween, Thanksgiving and your winter break! 

Then you wait....unless you have also applied to some schools with rolling admissions.  In case you get deferred or waitlisted, there are several things you can do, but the waiting can be tough.  Keep up with your good work and stay busy during the fall.  You might be looking for more updates and accomplishments to send to your schools.

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